Bite-Back runs a very tight ship. It doesn’t have a swanky London address or high overheads. Instead, it has decided to spend the money it generates from partnerships, sponsorships, events and donations on creating innovative, engaging and fun campaigns that get measurable results. That way we can sleep at night.

But could our campaigns be bigger, wider reaching and more ambitious if we had more funds? Absolutely they could.

There are a number of easy ways to contribute to our success …

Visit  to make a direct donation and/or register your fundraising event.

Online shoppers will love this. Simply register with and each time you shop at any of the 2,000 stores listed – including Amazon, Argos and John Lewis – via that site, Bite-Back gets up to 4% of the value of your shopping basket.

Got an old telly or a signed Take That poster you no longer want? Then stick it on and decide how much you want to share with Bite-Back. You can choose a percentage or donate the lot. It’s up to you.

Alternatively head over to the Bite-Back shop and spend, spend, spend!