Bite-Back was launched in 2004 by Graham Buckingham.

As a new diver Graham noticed a terrifying trend. Despite diving around the world, underwater shark encounters were incredibly rare. Where had all the sharks gone?

Graham Buckingham 'Defending JAWS' at TEDx Kingston upon Thames.

Concerned that he was more likely to see a shark on a menu than underwater, Graham decided to challenge a local restaurant for serving shark fin soup. After several conversations the London restaurant decided to change its menu. The concept for Bite-Back was born.

Since then thousands of people have used the charity’s ethos and materials to successfully challenge shops and restaurants in their own neighbourhoods.

Together we are Team Bite-Back.

"I’m a sucker for sharks so it’s easy for me to get behind Bite-Back’s campaigns. Best of all they’re getting real, measurable results.”
Paul Rose

TV presenter and expedition leader, National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions