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We think sharks should be worth more alive than dead.

For that reason we’re committed to hunting out shops and restaurants selling shark meat, fins plus shark-derived products — liver oil, cartilage, teeth, jaws and skin — and inviting them to stop.

Let us know if you see shark items for sale and we'll work to get it stopped.

All the time that there’s money to be made from catching a shark, the incentive to kill and land the shark remains high. However, if we can eliminate the market for shark items then a shark will become a worthless catch.

Our campaigns have already stopped retailers such as ASDA, MAKRO and Iceland Foods from selling mako, thresher and blue shark steaks, along with dozens of smaller businesses. And we’ve inspired Holland & Barrett to take shark cartilage capsules out of their 580 stores.

Our track record says we can motivate change.

Use our contact form to let us know if you’ve found a business that is selling shark items and we’ll work to get it stopped.

"Bite-Back is at the very forefront of shark conservation. It is tireless, resourceful and genuinely effective at addressing marine conservation issues and presenting intelligent solutions."
Monty Halls

TV presenter, adventurer, marine biologist