On average British cows kill seven people each year whereas sharks kill six. Join us and nominate that fact to win Statistic of the Year and help people see sharks differently.

At the launch of our Mind Your Language campaign we highlighted the unbalanced media reporting of shark encounters by referencing the fact that, on average, British cows killed more people than all the sharks in the world combined. We repeated it in dozens of radio and press interviews and now it’s in the running for the best statistic of the year.

If it wins it will be a huge publicity coup for sharks and shark conservation.

Please nominate the statistic now. It’s going to take just six minutes to complete the Royal Society of Statistics form (a download at the foot of that page) but, to help, we’ve listed the links to the two sources of the statistic.

Cows: The Health & Safety Executive

Sharks: Global Shark Attack file

Please also mention your support for Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation in the notes section. That’s all there is to it.

And, of course, if you ask five friends, colleagues or classmates to fill out the form too, the better the chances are that the sharks will win.

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