Hot on the heels of Bite-Back’s research that revealed a nationwide apathy for shark conservation, the charity’s patron Steve Backshall called on friends to help change perceptions of sharks.

Jake Wood (East Enders), Wayne Bridge (former England football player) and Rachel Riley (Countdown) all join Steve in the shark tank at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium to help Bite-Back promote the message that sharks are as majestic and captivating as lions and leopards — and worthy of the same level of protection.

Under Steve’s guidance the celebrities can face to face with sand tiger, black tip and nurse sharks and each came away from the experience transformed by the encounter.

Steve Backshall said: “Sharks have been around since before dinosaurs walked the earth but now they’re in real danger of being wiped out. We’ve got to educate people on the importance of sharks and stop representing them as the bogeyman for them to stand a chance of survival.”

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