Twelve of the world’s most acclaimed and award-winning underwater photographers have been united in support of Bite-Back and each donated a hand-picked image to appear in a stunning, limited edition, 2014 fundraising calendar.

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The outstanding collection of images feature underwater encounters from around the world including great white, white tip, hammerhead, reef and blue sharks plus whales, manatees, leopard seals, penguins and a Portuguese man of war.

Among the contributors are National Geographic legends David Doubilet, Brian Skerry, Amos Nachoum, David Fleetham and Doug Perrine.

Campaign director for Bite-Back, Graham Buckingham, said: “This is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves diving and the marine environment. Each image on its own is remarkable and together they make a breath-taking showcase of a hidden world that’s worth protecting.”

The 2014 Bite-Back calendar is available from the charity’s online shop and costs just £8.99 (+p&p) anywhere in the world.

Funds from the calendar will go towards Bite-Back’s ‘Hacked Off!’ campaign to make Britain’s restaurants shark fin-free.

As contributing photographer David Fleetham said: “Let’s hope this small wave of sanity continues and becomes a tsunami against this ridiculous bowl of soup.”

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