Bite-Back is committed to making Britain’s restaurants and retailers ‘shark-free’.

Already its campaigns have forced ASDA, Holland & Barratt and MAKRO to stop selling more than 100,000 portions of Mako, Big Eye Thresher and Blue sharks every year and seen the end to the sale of shark cartilage capsules.

It has also prompted a long list of restaurants from selling shark fin soup – including London’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Hakkasan.

Now with the support of Bite-Back’s Souper Heroes, including Bear, Gordon and Hugh, we plan to give supporters the confidence and courage to tackle shark fin soup crime in your neighbourhood.

Download and present this celebrity signed letter to local restaurants selling shark fin soup and ask them to stop. Let us know the name and address of the restaurant and we’ll add it to our Shark Sighting’s Map. If you need back up, we’ll do our best to secure a victory.

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