Supermarket Campaign

Supermarkets sell 90% of all the fish consumed in British homes. But not all the fish they sell is sustainable. This campaign is a direct invitation to the country’s biggest retailers to ditch vulnerable species including swordfish, marlin, monkfish, skate (and rays) along with non-certified tropical prawns.

Just click on the supermarket name in the table to send off a clear request to supermarket HQ.

Shark Fin Soup Campaign

Millions of sharks are killed each year to keep up with demand for shark fin soup. If we do nothing about it we’ll become either participants or, at best, witnesses to an underwater genocide. Help Bite-Back rid Britain of shark fin soup by engaging with restaurants that sell the diabolical and unnecessary dish. Download and present our celebrity-signed letter to offending restaurants in your neighbourhood. Download now >

Report A Shark Sighting

You don’t need a boat or binoculars to take part in this campaign. All we ask is that you let us know if you ever see shark items for sale in the UK. Keep a look out in restaurants, supermarkets, fish mongers, health food shops, work place canteens or on web sites for shark fins, teeth, jaws, meat, skin, cartilage or liver oil for sale. We’ll add them to the map and work hard to end the trade. Tell us now >

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Okay, we said three things and this is a fourth suggestion but if you ‘like’ us on Facebook you’ll get to know what we’re up to quicker and you’ll be the first to know about competitions, events and special deals. And like the other suggestions it doesn’t cost anything either. Like us now >